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LTPOA Updates and Information

The Annual Membership Meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, March 4, 6pm. We will be meeting at the Lake Vista Community Center, 6500 Spanish Fort Blvd, 2nd floor. This meeting is open to all residents of Lake Terrace.

We need volunteers for the Beautification Committee and Social Committee.


There will be a Neighborhood Garage Sale on Sunday, March 3. Thank you to Anna Whitlow for putting this together. To participate click the button below:


The LTPOA has received numerous complaints about dogs being off leash and lunging at other dogs and people. The green areas in our neighborhood are NOT DESIGNATED DOG PARKS or OFF-LEASH AREAS!

New Orleans Municipal Code 18-14 section b states: Dogs which are properly licensed and vaccinated as stipulated in this chapter may be allowed outside of an enclosure if under a secure leash and accompanied by their owner or keeper but are not to be allowed to trespass upon any public property, if so prohibited by another ordinance, or upon private property. Designated dog parks or "off-leash" areas are exempt from the provisions of this section. The area of City Park known as NOLA Bark generally bounded by Zachary Taylor Drive, Diagonal Drive, and Magnolia Drive is such an exempted area.

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