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Lake Terrace
Crime Prevention District 

Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District has bimonthly meetings on the second Wednesday of odd number months. At the Lake Vista Community Center 6500 Spanish Fort Blvd. at 7:00PM.  All Lake Terrace residents are encouraged to attend. 

You can help yourself, your neighbors and the NOPD by following these simple steps.

1.   Lock your doors!

2.  Don’ t leave valuables inside your car!

3.  Don’t leave your car running, even if you are just going inside for a minute!

4.  Use your car alarm!

5.  Don’t leave your key fob inside your car!

6.  Report any suspicious activity immediately!  If you see something, say something. 


Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity to the NOPD 911, the OLD Police 504 283 9800 and Pinnacle Security

504 934 1411  



The Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District aids in crime prevention and enhances the security of district residents by providing for an increase in the presence of law enforcement personnel in the district.

Composition of board is set by La. R.S. 33:9091.4

Seven members serving 4-year terms.


The Mayor of New Orleans appoints one member.


The state senators who represent the area which comprises the district appoint one member.

The state representatives who represent the area which comprises the district appoint one member.

The city councilmembers who represent the area which comprises the district appoint one member

The board of directors of the Lake Terrace Property Owners Association appoints three members.

Emmett Chapital, Jr.                          Expiration 12/24                     Senator Jimmie Harris

504 282-5679


Irwin Langhoff                                    Expiration 12/22                     Mayor Cantrell

504 309-0761

Ryan Defelice                                      Expiration 10/22                     Rep   Stephanie Hilferty

504 512-0628

Thomas Bagwill                                  Expiration 12/22                     LTPOA

504 319-1800


Constandinos Vennis                         Expiration 6/23                       Councilperson District D

504 261-7107


Robert Drouant                                  Expiration 12/22                     LTPOA

504 488-6403

Teresa Krentel                                    Expiration 7/24                       LTPOA

504 957-7892


Funding of Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District

Parcel fee of three hundred dollar collected by the City of New Orleans at the same time as valorem taxes are collected by the city. An annual budget must be submitted to the state and is subject to audit by the legislative auditor.

The fees collected are to be spent on additional law enforcement personnel and security services. 


Patrol Services 

As of 4/2/21 Pinnacle Security has been providing patrol services in our neighborhood.  All Pinnacle Officers have had passed criminal background checks and drug screening. Pinnacle requires that all security officers meet applicable State guidelines for both training and requalification (for armed security officers) 

The patrol vehicle Is a 2021 white Toyota Tacoma pick up marked as a Pinnacle patrol car with roof mounted flashing bar lights. It is equipped with the Verizon Connect GPS tracking system with a front facing camera system. A cell phone is also assigned to the patrol car so that residents can call the patrolling officer directly. 

Pinnacle Security 

332 N Norman C Francis Parkway

New Orleans, LA 70122

 24/7 Dispatch (504) 934-1411

LT Patrol Car (504) 442-2642

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