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Lake Terrace Garden Club

We are here to promote greater interest in the gardens of Lake Terrace; to further the horticultural knowledge of our members; and to bring joy and happiness with our flowers whenever possible.


Lisa C. Ippolito



Founded in 1955 

25 Members 

Location:  Along the New Orleans Lake Pontratrain between St Bernard and the London Canal

Club Flower:  Golden Rain Tree Blossom - a tree was planted on every lot at the start of the Lake Terrace neighborhood.  Most have perished over the years. 

Club. Colors:  Gold, Pink & Green 

Meetings:  September - May, every 2nd Tuesday of the Month @ 11 in mostly a members home. 

Activities:  Our ladies participate in the Annual City Park Scarcrow Trails, Celebration. In the Oaks Mr Bingle Wreath, participate in Flower shows & maintain the landscaping of the neighborhood entrance sign

Officers & Committee members: 

Lisa C. Ippolito - President. 504-259-1371 

Ann Edwards- Vice President 

Kathy Boudreaux - Recording Secretary 

Pam Flotte- Treasurer 

Nancy Click - Past President & Committee Chairmen

Member of  National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc 

Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc - District  II as of March of 2021 Federated Council of New. Orleans Garden Clubs, Inc 

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