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We Need Your Help Now!

We are writing to inform you of a potential zoning amendment that would drastically change Lake Terrace. The Mayor’s office is proposing to allow Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADU’s, on each residential property in the city. The intent behind this is to allow rental units on properties previously zoned for single-family residential use. In short, each home could construct a short-term rental in their backyard. Here are some highlights from a zoom held earlier this month:

  • The Mayor’s office stated motivations for promoting ADUs are (1) to increase the inventory of affordable housing and (2) to increase economic diversity in the city’s neighborhoods.

  • The Mayor’s office is pushing for blanket regulations to be applied citywide, rather than tailoring regulations to fit each zoning district or individual neighborhood.

  • The Mayor’s office would not commit to prohibiting ADUs from being used as short-term rentals (STR).

  • Enforcement by Safety & Permits is currently lacking when it comes to STR rules and regulations established by the City of New Orleans.

  • The Mayor’s office would not commit to restricting ADU rentals to only those properties with homestead exemptions or where the primary dwelling unit is owner-occupied.

  • The overwhelming majority of attendees who offered public comments were either opposed to ADUs and/or expressed significant skepticism and concerns about their use in New Orleans.

  • Multiple attendees raised concerns about the impact ADUs would have on parking in many neighborhoods; the City acknowledged this could be a problem, but stated that it prioritizes increasing housing over parking concerns.

  • The City did not have any response or information concerning other anticipated infrastructure-related impacts, including decreased green space, increased runoff and demands on the drainage system, property height and setback requirements, building-to-lot ratios, and increased public utilities.

This zoning amendment could potentially negate our neighborhood covenants written in the 1940's by what was then called the Orleans Levee Board. Our current covenant governing boards, the Lakefront Manage Authority (LMA) under the umbrella of the Flood Protection Authority East, is holding an emergency session to discuss the ramifications.

Simply put, this citywide ADU proposal is directly contrary to the purpose and objectives of the existing city zoning districts. If enacted as initially proposed by the Mayor's Office of Community Assets and Investment, these amendments would completely undermine the existing zoning and make any and all single-family residential properties eligible to be converted into multi-unit properties. The effects of such a change would be far-reaching and would recklessly threaten the historical character and density of the unique neighborhoods located in these single-family residential districtThe Presidents of the 4 neighborhoods overseen by the LMA (Lake Terrace, Lake Oaks, Lake Vista, and Lakeshore) object to this change. We object because they go against our deed restrictions. We submitted a letter to every council member as well as the City Planning Commission.

Please use the links below to find more information regarding this amendment. In the meantime we urge you to contact / write to our councilman Eugene Green, all the other council districts, as well as the city planning commission. Please reference the following in your communications: City Council Motion No. M-21-435.

The City Planning Commission hearing is set for March 22 at 1:30pm. Meeting link and how to submit day-of comments is on CPC webpage link,-2022-city-planning-commission-public-hearing/

Please do reach out to the council members with your comments now.

Eugene J Green - District D (our district)

Helena N. Moreno- Councilmember At- Large

Jean Paul "JP" Morrell-Councilmember At- Large

Joseph I Giarrusso Ill - District A

Lesli Harris - District B

Freddie King iii - District C

Oliver Thomas - District E

Information Links:

The City Planning Committee Website:

CPC Agenda:

Download PDF • 122KB

4 Lakefront Presidents Letter:

Presidents Letter about ADU
Download PDF • 27KB

CPC Preliminary Staff Report:

Preliminary_staff_report ADU
Download PDF • 2.05MB

Public Comments to CPC as of 3/15/22, comments cannot be submitted again until the day of the hearing (March 22):

Public comment Attachments
Download PDF • 29.26MB


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