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Want a direct line to District D, Councilmember Green's office?

Anne Zoller Kiefer, Community Service Liaison for Councilmember Eugene Green, Dist D, will be meeting on Saturday, April 2, 2022, 9-11 AM at Chateau Cafe on Allen Toussaint next to Robert’s. Bring your questions and concerns about any quality of life issues including our crime problems and neighborhood safety to this session. Councilmember Green is going to try to attend as well.

If you have any issues that they should know about, this is your chance. Many of you call us to tell us things like, "I've submitted multiple 311 reports about...and nothing has happened." If you have supporting documents like 311 item numbers, emails, etc...bring a copy with you to give to Anne.

Below is a link to his council webpage that lists all the committees that Councilmember Green sits on, as well as emails for his staff:


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