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Upcoming Important Meeting


Neighbors, The Lakefront Management Authority's (LMA) Recreation and Subdivision Meeting is this Wednesday, November 9, 4:30pm. Lakefront Airport Terminal Building, 2nd Floor Conference Center

6001 Stars and Stripes Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126

The 2 agenda items are:

1. Update on Pontchartrain Beach Lease

2. Project Status Update

This is your opportunity to tell the LMA ( the property owner) your opinion about the current proposal on the table, on the record, in front of the LMA Commissioners and The Pontchartrain Beach Foundation (PBF). The PBF would like to rent the property for $300 a year for 50 years with the option of 99 years. The PBF wants the lease finalized by the end of this month.

If you would like to hear the audio from our meeting with the PBF click the button below. The first few minutes of audio are hard to hear but it clears up after that.


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