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President's Message:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out to the meeting last night!

Are you happy with the way our public spaces in the neighborhood look? Are you happy with the grass cutting? The signs? The upkeep of Lake Terrace Park? It was evident last night that most of you are not. As we discussed, the Lakefront Management Authority (LMA), Board Meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, September 22, 5:30pm at Lakefront Airport 2nd floor, 6001 Stars and Stripes Blvd.

This is your chance to come out and let your voice be heard about the upkeep of our public areas. The LMA are tired of hearing from me. They need to hear from you. There is power in numbers! When you go to the meeting, sign in and then fill out a comment card. Give the card to anyone at the table and they will call you up to the microphone when it is your turn. You will have 2 minutes to make your comments. I will be there but will probably not comment.

As far as things go with Pontchartrain Beach, it's not officially on the agenda tomorrow, but you are free to use your 2 minutes however you would like. I will keep you all updated on when/if we will reschedule to meet with them, but also when the LMA will be discussing the Beach again.

Finally, it was wonderful to see so many neighbors who came out to support our neighbor who is being harrassed because someone thinks her flowers are too tall. The LTPOA always urges you to work out any dispute with a neighbor before bringing it to our attention. If you want to report a restriction violation, please call or email us to file the report. Do not do it in an online forum, it is not neighborly. It has also come to our attention that people are pretending to be board members and are telling people they are out of compliance. I assure you that it is not any of us. Please let us know asap if anyone tells you they are one of us and that you are in violation. This is not how we do things.

Thanks and stay safe,

Ashley Haspel


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