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It's Festival Season!

Since we have many new residents we wanted to provide some helpful information about the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (April 29 - May 8) and the New Orleans Greek Festival (May 27-29)

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

For those of you who do not know, the Jazz Fest Express, the official Jazz Fest Shuttle is located in the gated empty lot on Wisner. It is the only shuttle that drops you off and picks you up inside the gates of the Fair Grounds! $17 per person for round-trip Express shuttle (includes free parking) – 5700 Wisner Blvd. If you don't have a ticket already, they sell them there bundled with the shuttle fee. If you already have a ticket you can just pay for the shuttle. You can also walk to the lot and pay without parking a car. More information can be found at:

Infrogmation, New Orleans - Photo by Infrogmation CC BY 2.5view terms File:GreekFest07RingDance2.jpg Created: 26 May 2007

New Orleans Greek Festival

This is a huge event that brings hundreds of people to the bayou. Discounted tickets are now available online until Wednesday, May 25, for $8 adults, children under 12 are always free. After the that date, the tickets revert to the $10 full admission price for adults. All of the festival information can be found at

A big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped us put membership fliers around the neighborhood!


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